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Latest Kashmir Train Timings 2022 | Latest Time Table

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Check Out Latest Kashmir Train Timings 2022

Check Below The Revised Train Time Table For Kashmir. You need to frequently check the multiple credible sources for Latest Kashmir Train Timings 2022.

Banihal to Baramula

7.30AM٫ 8.25am٫ 10.25am٫ 2.45pm and 4.05 pm=only upto Budgam

Qazigund to Baramula

7.49am٫ 8.44am٫ 10.44am٫ 3.04pm and 4.24pm= upto Budgam

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Latest Kashmir Train timings 2022

Anantnag to Baramula

8.15am٫ 9.10am٫ 11.20am٫ 3..30pm and 4.50pm=upto Budgam

Srinagar to Baramula

9.12am٫ 10.26am٫ 12.25pm٫ 4.36pm and 6.02pm=upto Budgam

Budgam to Baramula

7.55am٫ 9.28am٫ 10.40am٫ 01pm and 4.50pm

Baramula to Banihal

8am٫ 9.10am٫ 10.40am٫ 2.25pm٫ 3.30pm

Sopore to Banihal

8.09am٫ 9.19am٫ 10.49am٫ 2.34 pm and 3.39pm

Budgam to Banihal

7.50am٫ 8.54am٫ 10.12am٫ 3.35pm and 4.24pm.

Srinagar to Banihal

8.03am٫ 9.13am٫ 10.25am٫ 3.48pm and 4.38 pm

Anantnag to Banihal

9.11am٫ 10.10am ٫ 11.20am٫ 4.51pm and 5.35pm

Qazigund to Banihal

9.36am٫ 10.46am٫ 11.45am٫ 5.15pm and 6pm

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