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Best Home Treatment For Dengue Disease in 2022

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Home Treatment For Dengue Disease in 2022

Papal Juice is easy to make. This increases blood clots and white blood levels while speeding up healing time. This is why hospital time can be reduced in one day. Papal juice, curls, syrup I have made. It can be easily fixed. If this medicine is used as extra food, the hospital wards won’t be filled with this many dengue patients.
Some have spread false myths. They say red blood is swollen. Says the liver is swollen. The number of tablets is increasing and the disease is submitting. What research do those people say like that? Then when we ask for permission they say this is vegetarian so Ayurvedic recipes own it as medicine. Meanwhile, other countries in the world are using this additional medicine to save lives from dengue. We have proven the positive impact of papal juice with the help of a professor unit.
So using papal juice can restore white blood amounts very quickly with radius. And also the time spent in the hospital is reducing as well. The accumulation of liquid inside the body can also be prevented redness and reaching fatal levels. Here’s the method to produce papal juice presented to the British medical journal by Dr. Sanath Hetty.
How to make papal juice.
This is what you need to get well muscularly grown leaves in a good healthy papal tree. Use flowing water to clean these. Should be cut into the umbrella so that they don’t get caught (no small narves fault in the paper) next. Next, 50 grams should be washed well with the aid of a wooden carpet. Add about 50ml of well-overflowed water and add a small amount of sugar to destroy a thoroughly for 15 minutes.
Then mix the tip well and place for about 30 minutes. Then need to clean your hands and squeeze this pulp and get the juice. This juice can last like 24 hours in a high refrigerator. Adults can take 3 times a day before eating 30ml. Good for kids 5-10ml Can sip some water to make it a bitter taste.
Facts to be remembered.
According to Dr. Sanath Hetty, the important thing to remember is not to drink papal juice. When you get infected with fever, joint, body, blood, etc, you have to go to a doctor first. Need to go to a hospital especially if it’s more than 3 days. Next NS1 test should be done to see if dengue antibodies exist. When dengue is realized, you should go to the hospital and take medical treatment. Meanwhile papal can start juice support treatment. It’s not good to stop the sickness until it cures well.
✍️ Sugat P. Kulathungaarachchi

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