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Residents avail benefit of free treatment in public hospital in J-K’s Poonch

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A hospital in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district has been successfully providing free-of-cost treatment to the residents here by issuing Golden Cards for their dialysis treatment and surgeries for deprived persons.

According to the Superintendent of the Raja Sukhdev Singh District Hospital and Diagnosis Centre, Chowdery Zulifkar, so far the hospital has benefitted 1,072 patients of which 194 were the ones undergoing dialysis treatment.

A patient of dialysis, Parvaiz Akhter told ANI that she has been undergoing this treatment for the last two years and called it an extremely benefitting initiative for people who find difficulty in approaching hospitals.

“They do it very well. The treatment by registering the self with the help of golden card helps avail it free of cost and eases the purchase of medicines and injections as well,” said Akhtar.

The attendant of another patient lauded the initiative and said that it is a great attempt to help the deprived sections receive treatment for their illness.

“It served enormous benefits as the prescribed tests are done free of cost. We could avail a treatment of around Rs 5 lakhs through this golden card. It is helpful for surgeries as well. For the ones who cannot afford the surgeries and tests, this golden card is helpful as it can work both in a public and private hospital,” said Khaleel Ahmed, attendant of the patient.

The golden card in charge Zayied Hussain informed ANI that there as many as 10-15 patients registered here, on average, who are treated free of cost. This golden card is not only for the ones seeking dialysis treatment but is also helpful for one who needs to undergo any surgery.

“So far, we have digitalized 76 per cent of individual cards and have registered at least 96 per cent who have at least one member registered with us,” Hussain said adding that the drive is still underway as several people are not available. They are either outstation or availing benefits from Belt Force, he said.

Hospital Superintendent Chowdery Zulifkar has however advised the people to get themselves registered with the government’s initiative as the government has promised to bear the health expenditure of up to Rs 5 lakh per year for one family.

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