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Columnist Refat Wani Congratulates NEET 2022 Qualifiers

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Refat Wani,a columnist, poet,state awardee and philanthropist has congratulated all the NEET 2022 qualifiers for showing outstanding performance.

In a handout recieved here, She has extended heartiest greetings towards all the NEET 2022,Mehak Fayez her own sister in particular for making the family proud after qualifying the prestigious examination in her ist attempt.

Refat, further congratulates her Uncle,Fayaz Ahmed Wani (Mehek’s father) and applauds his all the efforts he made as a best father for his children besides having very meagre income.Such parents are the backbone of a sound childhood and an inspiration for all the parents out there in the society.

Refat wani expressed her gratitude to the children who work hard to explore novel platforms and burn mid night oil to persue their dreams.Such children are an important message and inspiration itself to each one of us for being very mindful of choosing out our career options,reads her handout further,

Moreover,she applauded the aspirants who could not make it to success this time and said “Failure is not the fullstop of what we can do.They must try again and again till they succeed.They are blessed to be on the right track”, concludes the statement.

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