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Renzushah delivered keynote address at Kashmir University prestigious Seminar of Markaz e Noor to distinguished intellectuals

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Today while delivering keynote address at prestigious seminar at Kashmir University organized by Markaz e Noor Khwaja Farooq Renzushah chairman kashmir society int. In his topic titled Enrichment of mutual love in 700 years through Sufiyat & Hanafiyat ” emphasised that our five thousand years of civilization is our identity which is on the verge of extinction. He said it is critical juncture where we all have to stand up jointly to revive our 700 years culture ,Khwaja Farooq Renzushah said that no power on earth can erase or reduce glorious image of kashmir in field of knowledge ,Fiqa, Tasawuf , achieved since times immemorial under guidance of Great Awaliya of all recognised five Fiqa of Islam on one side and our five thousand years civilization on other side . Mr.Riyasat Arif chairman of ANC Group who had arrived from Aligarh welcomed Renzushah at prestigious function .Mr.Inam ul Nabi renowned journalist and National level debater ,Jenab Altaf Dar sahib president of national level Civil Society head office Raj Bagh , Jenab Sadiq Bakal sahib president of various Trade & Commerce associations, Jenab Mahajan sahib renowned education consultant ,Jenab Shah sahib JK Bank , Earlier in First session Vice chancellor of Kashmir University ,Islamic University and other universities including Prof Khaki HOD Markaz Noor spoke in Valedictory session .The second session was started with keynote address of Khwaja Renzushah .The top most iconic personalities and professors ,scholars, Authors and writers were present in the jam-packed conference Hall.

Renzushah whose most explosive Novel ,”Cashmir -Bear’s Throne” is coming soon in public domain has emphasised the respectable personalities and youth to work with zeal to restore back the glorious image of kashmir which has received dent during last 70 years because of contradictory ideologies and confusions .He said that in 6th century Great prophet Rasool Akram SAW was impressed with this region as abode of knowledge when he said that for acquiring knowledge visit china ,while kashmir was epitome of knowledge at that period .He said Huen song had referred about Quality of knowledge in kashmir at that period .Similarly Sharda paith was in kashmir as symbol of knowledge .He said that not only First Sufi king Hazrat Sader ud din Renchanshah who adopted Fiqa Hanafiyat wa Sufiyat from Great saint Hazrat bulbulshah RA are pride of new ideological revolution in kashmir in 14th century but his Queen Hazrat Kota Rani who on one hand fought against radicalism of Achalla and her own mischievous Minister as well as Dulcha is greatest Queen figure of kashmir .Her abode was in Boudhgaer Which was demolished by king Sikinder as well as Awrangzaib but Reshi peer protected abode of Kota Rani and is himself buried there .That is living example of Reshiyat in kashmir followed by Almadaar kashmir Nund reshi .when Hazrat Bulbulshah RA arrived kashmir he never came with sword but he was equipped with high knowledge of love in shape of Fiqa Hanafiya & Sufiyat which influenced Great king of kashmir Hazrat sultan Sader din Renchanshah RA along entire administration as message of unity ,brotherhood and communal harmony was clear message of this Fiqa ideology .Another great Sufi saint Hazrat Amir Kabir RA who reached kashmir 50 years after Hazrat Bulbul shah RA adopted Hanafi Sufi Fiqa in kashmir and further worked to enrich same in this valley for everlasting love and peace .Renzushah said that history and image of kashmir is witness of the fact that it never liked violence whether emerging from this soil or being imposed on it .He said when Mahmood Gaznavi was plundering rest of India and demolishing Temples and Sufi shrines ,it was kashmir bravery and it’s strong ideology that we defeated Mahmood Gaznavi at Tosamaidaan in kashmir and never allowed him to enter this paradise.

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