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JKAP holds meeting of Party functionaries in district Bandipora.

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Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) on Wednesday held a meeting of its party functionaries at the district office Bandipora.The meeting was presided over by the party’s Vice President Usman Majid.

JKAP functionaries who were available and attended the meeting included District President, Vice President, District Organizer, District Coordinator, Zonal President, ST Wing President, District Youth President, Youth President ST Wing, DDC Member Bankoot, Block Development Chairpersons of Arin & Hajin, Ex MC President Bandipora & All Block Presidents were present.

Addressing the meeting, Usman Majid urged them to enhance their public outreach programme to ensure people are well aware of the policies and the agenda of JKAP.

He said, “Time has come when the people must know that the traditional political parties who remained in power in the past have only exploited the masses over the years. Thus, people need to be cautious this time by not giving away their vote to these traditional exploiters.”

He added, “Our party workers ought to make the people realize about their past mistakes wherein the mandate was misused by the politicians for their personal gains. They must not get betrayed anymore.”

He said, “ Apni Party belongs to the people. Thus, we need to be in touch with them at the grass-root level. We ought to help the people in terms of highlighting their issues and problems and bring these issues to the notice of the concerned officials so that they are addressed properly. For this, we need to be active and vibrant in our respective areas.”

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