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4630 soakage pits constructed, 91 major water bodies renovated in Bandipora

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In a bid to curb solid waste in rural areas, 4630 soakage pits have been constructed while 91 major water bodies which were the victim of garbage dumping, have been renovated in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

Official details available with news agency revealed that Rs 4.50 Crore have been utilized for renovation of water bodies and construction of soakage pits out of the total allocated budget of Rs 5.96 cr.

An official said that the construction of soakage pits in rural areas was long pending demand of the public and also a challenge for the government to manage solid waste efficiently.

He said that durable assets were created in rural areas with special focus on conservation of water bodies and saving every drop of water that falls on earth besides providing assured employment to the unskilled and unemployed youth of the villages.

Earlier in absence of soakage pits, Water bodies of Bandipora were badly struggling to survive as they were battling against dumping of sewage and garbage, leading to their slow death while many were shrunk to nearly half of their original area due to extensive pollution and siltation.

Another official said that the villages in Bandipora were facing the menace of solid and liquid waste however the Rural Development Department played a vital role with the active participation of local inhabitants of villages to deal with the menace of solid waste in rural areas of the district.

He said that awareness camps were organized at village level to inculcate the sense of civic sense among people regarding rural sanitation and funds were allocated for waste collection and segregation and safe disposal of household garbage at village level—(KNO)

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