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203 more test positive for dengue, 6 deaths recorded till date

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JAMMU: An epidemic situation has occurred due to dengue in the Jammu district as till date 6 persons have succumbed to this vector-borne disease till date while more than 4000 have been found positive for the disease.

An official of Health Department said that more than 3,000 patients are admitted in hospitals with dengue while the district has already recorded six deaths. He said the cases are rising day by day and admissions in the hospitals are increasing every week.

He said 6th death was recorded on evening of October 19 and the deceased was a 30-year-old male living in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. He said till date they have done 13000 tests out of which 4052 were found positive for the dengue.

“Today also, 437 tests were done and out of them, 203 turned out to be positive for the dengue,” the official said.

The official further disclosed that a few hundred cases have also been recorded in private hospitals. “In the city, over 80 per cent of the cases have been reported from Sarwal, Janipur, Rehari and Ploura areas,” the official added.

He attributed the deaths to late hospital admission and cormobidities in the patients. He said today audit of all the dengue deaths were done and it came to fore that all those who died of dengue had co-morbidities. He said the 6th person who succumbed to dengue was suffering with chronic kidney disease and he had already taken 2 to 3 sessions of dialysis.

Stating that the prevention is better than cure, the official appealed the general public to follow all precautions, avoid stagnation of water anywhere and use mosquito repellants to escape mosquito bite.(Agencies)


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